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Have you heard of All Advantage? It is a web site that pays you to view advertisements while you surf. I have been using this service for a little while now, have GOTTEN PAID, and thought I would share it with you.

If you sign up with All Advantage, you download a small ad bar, which sits on the bottom of your computer screen and rotates banner ads. It pays you 50 cents a hour while you are activley surfing the web. You don't have to go to any of the advertised sites, just page to page and it logs your time. You are eligeble for a check when your account reaches the minimum of $25.00. More money can be made by referrals.

I found that I got used to the ad bar quickly, and it can be minimized at any time. The only catch is that they log the URL's you go to and your IP address. Now for those of you who are privacy concerned, paranoid or obssessed, this might raise a red flag...but that's up to you, and I can give that up for a few bucks. :-) Hey! We all watch commercials on TV and don't get paid, why not make that up while your surfing. Who knows, that check might come right when you need it!

If this sound like something that you might like to do, just click on the graphic or link below to join or get more information.

- David Morris, CAWS Web Master

All Advantage

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