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The Purpose of This Site!

It's been quite a fun journey up to this point, and this site is the culmination of a year! I was Internet illiterate just over 2 years ago! Sounds amazing, huh? Well, it's true, but within a year, the Lord led me to a friend, who directed me to HTML. Designing web sites soon became consuming. Just a little while ago, the Lord laid this inspiration on my heart, and I am following through. ( I know it's the Lord, because up to a year ago, being able to afford a computer was YEARS away! But lookie now. Thanks God!)


I searched "Christian Theatre" and found a lot, which is wonderful, but I hope I can fill a unique area with this site. I want this site to become a hub where Christian Artists can come to find anything they need for their craft! A place to ask questions, give advice and suggestions, and find other Christian Artists in their own area of the country. (Sign the guestbook!)

Lets get together!

Does this sound good? Well, I will need your help! Click on the link to find out how!

P.S.- Using the huge amount of FREE space "Tripod" offers, seemed like a very cost effective way to start off. One of the goals is for this site to grow to warrant its own domain name, but for now, don't let the advertising bug ya! It may well be worth it in the long run!